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Happy Earth Day from Eve!  It just so happened that I was able to ride my bike in to work this most beautiful morning. Unfortunately, I can’t do this everyday and realize that in order to sustain our planet, we need to make an effort on more than just one day per year.  I am not here to argue if global warming is real or not, which, to me, the “label” doesn’t matter. I feel politicos and talking heads get too caught up in the details and definitions, what matters is that we use our common sense and conscience in making choices to maintain our planet.  And, I don’t think we have to be extreme in our actions, although that would certainly speed things up, but I know how change and people work together, so let’s start small.  I believe that small changes by a majority of people can make a significant impact on the place we call home, Earth.  The space program has been put on hold, so it’s not looking good that we could move to the moon if we continue to destroy this home, so we need to focus on the actions that can uphold this abode for future generations.

Now, since I am a dietitian and avid runner, I will focus on our food purchases and fitness.  Activity is much easier to address, so I’ll start there first.  Ride your bike to work like I did today, it was a beautiful way to get to work, definitely less stressful than driving and I was able to get in some activity. I know others that have skateboarded to work and maybe even some roller girls that have strapped on those skates to get form place to place.  Instead of driving from parking lot to parking lot, park centrally and walk to the usually very close stores.  Walking, biking, and skating to places accomplishes much more than just sparing the world from more carbon emissions; it is also kind to the pocket book, can reduce stress, and increase activity.  So, it’s a win, win, win, win!!!! 

On to the food…most would probably think that I would talk about organic here and focus on that aspect, which is certainly much more sustaining to our soil and doesn’t pollute our waters or food, which is a definite plus.  But, unfortunately, even with organic foods from South America, Hawaii, Florida, and California, they have to get to us through the use of fuel and they are usually packaged in lots of plastic and other goods that will likely not get recycled.  I am not saying that you should go to the extreme of a locavore, someone that only eats within a 100 miles radius of their home, but when you can, buy local.  It would be pretty difficult to be a locavore here in Indiana, I am sure some have done it, but I would certainly miss avocados, bananas, almonds, and mangoes…mmmm….well, I suppose I could move to Chile or Brazil.  Short of moving across the world, small changes like substituting some local foods into your diet can make a difference.  You are supporting your local economy and the small farmer, giving them income to continue doing what they’re doing. Also, by buying local, you are more than likely getting organic, getting fresher foods as they haven’t traveled days or weeks, reducing the use of fuels to get these foods to you, and eliminating the excessive packaging.  Most have the “all or nothing” mindset, but I do believe that small changes in your purchasing decisions can make a big impact! 

There are so many ways to get local foods here in Indiana.  I have links to the right with local farms that have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for vegetables, chickens, and eggs, all of which I belong to.  The guy in the picture is Todd Jameson, he is the owner, along with his wife, of Balanced Harvest Farms, which is where my husband and I get our produce during the summer months.  I am pretty sure that Simpson Family Farm is still enlisting for the chicken CSA….these chickens eat grass and bugs, might be smaller, probably due to lack of steroids, but they are delicious!  If you can’t afford a CSA, some can be costly upfront, maybe recruit some friends or neighbors that might share the cost with you and the enjoyment of the delicious food to come.

Farmer’s Markets are another great way to get local produce and meats without the cost of the CSA.  I have also added a link to the farmer’s markets in Indianapolis in my local links.  Hope to see you there, without car, of course!  Happy Earth Eternity!

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