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When will the burger wars stop?  America’s waistlines can’t take it anymore.  The newest addition to the king-size burger comes from Hardee’s.  They have released their 12-inch burger on a couple of  test markets in the U.S., one of which happens to be right here in Indiana.

The 12-inch cheeseburger packs a punch at 850 calories and 20 grams of saturated fat, which is a suggested limit of saturated fat for someone trying to reduce their cholesterol levels. 

I was shocked to hear that it was only 850 calories, it looks much more extreme.  However, the BK Triple Whopper trumps the 12-inch burger with 1200 calories.  Even sandwiches at Panera Bread contain 700-900 calories, but the newest burgers seem to get the most attention when it comes to extreme sandwiches.  Although, Panera Bread tries to maintain a “healthy” persona, while Hardee’s loves spitting in “healthy’s” face. 

I am sure Indiana is eating the foot-long burger up and it will be unleashed on the rest of America very soon.  I predict a triple 12-inch burger in the near future.  Any gamblers out there?


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